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Climate Minded

Bridging the climate literacy inequality gap and diversifying the environmental sector through in-school workshops for 16-18 year olds.

What we do? 

Climate Minded is an innovative project working in both the UK and Bolivia, that addresses the climate literacy inequality gap and broadens access for young people to participate in the Green Economy.


It is a three-part programme that teaches young people, aged 16-18, the essentials of climate literacy, green skills and more broadly about the green sector.

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Our mindful mission

Climate Minded tackles two major systemic problems...

1. The Climate crisis

Climate change is the greatest threat to humankind. Around the world, global warming is exposing millions of people to weather extremities that are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. From floods in Pakistan to droughts across Europe: 

the Climate Crisis is happening now. 

Young people will be the hardest hit by exacerbated climate impacts, so they are taking a stand. Since 2018, public awareness around youth climate activism has grown, particularly following the success of Greta Thunberg and the 'School Strikes for Climate'. The mobilisation of young people has demonstrated their power to hold decision-makers accountable and create positive change. 

2. lack of diversity in the environmental sector

30 million green workers are needed by 2030 to meet international net zero targets.


This future workforce will be dependent on young people choosing careers within the green economy. However, the current workforce within the environmental sector is not representative of our wider population. 

In the UK, the environmental sector is the second least diverse sector with only 3.1% of people representing minority race groups. Climate change disproportionally affects ethnic minorities and communities in the global south.
Therefore, it is essential that climate action

becomes inclusive action.

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Crits 24_06_221_edited.png

the goals of climate minded

All young people feel informed and empowered to create positive climate action. 

The Green Economy is inclusive and representative of the needs of all global communities.

“This is something that I firmly believe will have an impact on the local and wider community.
It is something that all young people should have access to."

Head of Sixth Form, Ark Globe Academy

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